Friday, July 29, 2011

I confess on Fat Friday


I confess...

I confess that I am having no luck getting motivated again. Actually, motivated isn't the right word, I don't know what is though. I confess that I want to do it, I have amazing reasons to do it, but something is stopping me. I don't know what it is. I'm almost positive that I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. Ever since I was young, when I sit down and try to relax (or at bed time) I have a constant urge to stretch my legs and sometimes even my arms. It's never painful, but it's a very uncomfortable urge. I was reading on the WebMD page, and I discovered that a treatment is exercise and losing weight. BLECK! If anyone suffers from RLS, can I have some advice? Sleep, especially lately, has not come easy and my symptoms are getting worse :(

I confess that I am on day 31 of my Clomid cycle. In the past I have started my period between days 24-28, and while I'm excited to not be dealing with a period, I confess that I am getting attached to the idea of a baby. I'm trying so hard not to latch on to that idea, as I don't want to be disappointed again, but I can't help it. My heart starts to race just thinking about it.

I confess that I need to ask for some prayers for Sailor Man and I. I will not be going into deals of my request, but I will say that we need some guidance. There are some really tough decisions we need to make in the coming weeks and months, and I confess, we need all the help we can get. Someday I will be blogging about the decisions, but for now, please just say a little prayer that we'll make the right choices for our family. Thank you.

I confess that I am pretty over social media right now. I confess that I am turned off by a lot of people, trends, things right now. Some of the reactions to things cut me deep. I know that sounds super dramatic, but I couldn't think of a better phrase. I confess that I think it's an effect of the Clomid, but either way, I've cut my facebook, blog, twitter and pinterest time way down this week. Have I missed it? I confess that the answer is YES, but at the same time -- I've read 2 books this week.


Whitney said...

I hope everything is going okay with you and Mr. Sailor Man. Also, I hope everything is going okay, regarding all the social media stuff.

P.S. I'm going to still write that guest post for you :) I just need some ideas :)

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