Tuesday, July 5, 2011

side effects

My doctor called just in time for me to start a round of Clomid and the effects are in full swing. I've been overly moody, easily annoyed, and quick to cry all week. I've been feeling ignored lately on all social media aspects. Perhaps this makes me a loser, because yes I care what people think of me. So when posts go ignored I feel self conscious about it -- Am I annoying? Did I say the wrong thing? Did people hit the "hide" button"? Are my blog posts uninteresting, boring, or lame"? 

I don't know why I feel this way, but I do. I do care so very much what people think of me, and it's hard when people don't respond to me. I hate the side effects of this medication, but I'm hoping for a good outcome with it (which on a side note, day 14, the day we're supposed to do it, happens to land on our 6th anniversary -- I'm hoping that will bring good luck!). I just hate feeling so down in the dumps from it, and Sailor Man doesn't really appreciate my crying at the blink of an eye.

P.S. This isn't a "please tell me you like me" post -- it's a general and genuine "I hate feeling this way and I have no where else to vent this too" post.  If you're not going to be kind in your comments, don't bother -- I wont publish them.


Brenna said...

Friend- I restart my shots today after finding out on July 4 that this last round was not successful... I am in that I wanna cry at the drop of a hat boat with you:)
Also- EVERYONE around me is getting knocked up- which makes it worse for me! Literally- it feels like everyone!! haha
Hang in there!

iRgruntwife said...

I personally cannot relate to you because of the chlomide. My husband's deployed, so our attempt at baby making is at a stand still.

BUT I can relate to how you feel about being ignored. I thrive on social interaction, & I get kind of bummed out when people don't interact with me.

I may sound like a broken record, but be strong & hang in there. You're not so alone.

Changing Lanes said...

As I said in my email ~ prayers for you. :)

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