Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thursday Song Link-Up

This week I decided to choose a song that was happy and bouncy. I also wanted to choose a song that was summery and fun...and since I have a nice sunburn to show it, I'm enjoying the sunshine!

enjoy the 80's hair :)


Janey said...

Ah my fellow sunburnter! It's the worst. I never learn though. lol Great song choice!

Amanda said...

A Great Blast from the Past!! I have always loved this song!

Kelsey said...

A classic! Great choice :)

Jordan Streetman said...

I am loving this song! About to download it on itunes!!!! Yes!!!

Mrs.B said...

Totally LOVING this song!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I love the 80's! This song reminds me of the movie Look Who's Talking.

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