Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Song Link-Up

This song has been stuck in my head for weeks. Actually, only the chorus has been. I had no idea where I heard it, or who sang it, but it was in my head. Playing. Constantly. Then, randomly I was at the NEX when I heard it. I rushed to the monitor to hear who it was so I could find out all the information. I'm kind of musically challenged. I rarely listen to the radio, I have my ipod full of songs that I love. Mostly 80's hair bands, 90's boy bands, and some current stuff. However, I have been listening to the radio more frequently so my tastes are expanding...

I'm not going to give all my secrets away... but here are 5.

  • Sometimes I start randomly crying in the middle of the night. Sometimes, crying is a great outlet.
  • I'm seriously considering going to the open casting call for "The Biggest Loser" in LA.
  • I have a nightlight in our bedroom. I'm 26 years old, and I am scared of the dark
  • Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen cooking, I pretend I'm doing a cooking show. I'll stand at our island and go through all the steps, and pretend to stop and look at cameras.
  • I have a serious crush on Liam Neeson,

Do you have any secrets to share?


Cait said...

I love OneRepublic. Their lyrics always have meaning behind them that speaks to me. This is an awesome song! Great pick! I LOVE your #4 secret.

Anonymous said...

oh how I love me some Liam

Erinn said...

growing up when I would go to ohio to visit my grandparents and cousins, me and my cousin Kate somehow came up with this cooking show called "Cooking with Kate" and to this day (i'm 22 and she is 26) when we see each other we do an episode. There is a theme song and everything :)
Thanks for posting this song!

Goodnight moon said...

I love this song too! Isn't it just powerful!

I use to do the same thing about pretending I was on a cooking show too! Although...I don't cook all that great.

Nicole Marie said...

I LOVE One Republic. ALL of their songs are amazing. :) Thanks for sharing.

Poekitten said...

This is a great song! I only know who it's by because I first heard it on Pandora:)

Stephanie said...

I havent heard this one yet, great song though. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day :)

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