Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Fall is absolutely my favorite season. It has the best smells, colors, weather, temperature, noises, and food! I am thinking of hosting a swap. If you'd be interested leave me some feedback. here are some swap basics:

  • I will match you with a partner.
  • You fill a box with your favorite fall must haves and send it to your partner
  • There will be a money and time limit

If you're interested, leave me some feedback and I'll keep thinkin about it!

**edit in response to Anonymous:
Perhaps there was a misunderstanding in my request for a fall swap. I am not trying to pass it off as an "original" idea, as I've participated in many in the past. I am only trying it out on my blog for the first time. If I don't get enough interest, because "so many other amazing military wives" are doing it, I'm not about to pull readers away from other blogs. I'm not trying to be first, it's just been on my mind the last couple of weeks. Fall is my favorite season and I love participating in swaps. I'm not trying to compete with anyone.


Anonymous said...

you realize there are already several amazing military spouses who do this every year? Maybe participating and advertising your followers to their blogs would be nicer than trying to be first to get it done. There are some military wives who do this for every season and there gets to be so many of them it ends up a game of picking favorites, and nobody likes that :( Just saying, it's not a very original idea.

Becca said...

I'd be in! I think that sounds super fun!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous:
Really? She never claimed this was an original idea. All she said was it would be fun. If you're not interested in doing it on her blog go away and do it on another persons! Rude people like you aren't welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone follows every blog. So its ok for her to do it too even if several others are. Geez

Mrs. JPT said...

Sounds like fun! I'd participate!

Courtney said...

I would love to do something like this!

Bonnie said...

The anonymous poster has no balls... to say something as hateful as that and not own her comment... wow. Don't worry about people like this! If you want to host a swap on your blog for your readers, then absolutely do it :) I'd be down for some fall swappin' :)

Nicole said...

LOL this cracks me up! Sarah, are you trying to "steal my thunder?!" People are crazy! Of course I'd participate!

Tay said...

Im in!

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