Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabulous Fall Exchange

It's finally time! I've decided to host my first ever exchange! I decided to do fall, because in all honesty it's my favorite season. It's seriously the best! It has the best colors, smells, food, activities, clothing... etc. Because this is my first exchange I'm letting anyone sign up, however if you do not follow through on YOUR exchange you will be banned from doing any other exchanges on my blog. It is really unfair for you to get a box and you not send one out, please don't be that person!

Here are the rules to sign up:
  1. I will only be taking 11 sign ups
  2. If you want to do it (do not post if you can't commit) leave a comment filling out the questionnaire at the bottom of this post
  3. I will post the partners on Friday September 23 - I will be putting names into a random generator to get the partnerships
  4. Your package must not be more than $30 - not including shipping
  5. Your package must be sent out no later than October 15
  6. Please get delivery confirmation with your package and send that info to your partner
  7. I understand things happen, if you need to pull out of the exchange let me know ASAP so I can get a new partner together
Here are some basic guidelines for your package: this exchange is all about Fall, so be creative! Maybe include some items from where you live, but this is a fall exchange so leave it to the season. Please be mindful of where you're shipping it and prepare package accordingly (i.e. wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap). Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

If you want to sign up, and you know you can participate, please leave a comment on this post answering the following questions:

Favorite thing about fall:

Remember I will only take 11 sign ups!

**if this exchange goes well I will be hosting more at other times! So if you don't get a chance to sign up this round, you'll get your chance next time :)

***please do not post questions in the comment section. Please send any questions, comments or concerns to The comment section is for those signing up ONLY. 


Chelle said...

Name: Chelle
Location: Virginia Beach (s/o stationed at NOB)
Allergies: substitute sugar (anything diet or says sugar free it can kill me)
Likes/Dislikes: likes: lotion, candles, cooking, Hello Kitty, beach dislikes: white chocolate, dried fruit
Favorite thing about fall: when the leaves fall, the cooler weather (I love wearing sweaters and hoodies)

this will be my first exchange. I have tried to host one with mili spouses but didn't get enough responses to do one. I hope this one goes well

Brittany Sommer said...

Email Name Brittany Dawson Location Virginia Beach VA my hubby is stationed at NOB as well! I am allergic to mushrooms, shell fish. I like/love earrings, lotion, candles, scentsy nail polish and shoes. I really can't think of anything I dislike! It's all in good fun and I will be happy with whatever I get :)

Hannah said...

Name: Hannah
Location: Carson City Area, NV
Allergies: None
Likes: Cooking, candles, outdoor activities, DIY crafts. Dislikes: white chocolate
Favorite things about fall: Weather, Holidays, Clothes, Colors, Food

Courtney said...

Name: Courtney
Location: Coronado, Ca
Allergies: None :)
Likes: Cooking, DIY crafts, nail polish, candles...
Dislikes: Coconut, scentsy type stuff (I feel like the melts dont smell enough...)
Favorite thing about fall: cooler weather, boots, pumpkin flavor stuff, and holiday baking!

I'm looking forward to this, what a fun idea!

Amanda said...

Name: Amanda Allen
Location: Southern Maryland
Allergies: none
Likes/Dislikes: likes - fabric/sewing, chocolate, candles/scented stuff, accessories, stationary, my nook
dislikes: white chocolate, lotions, coffee
Favorite thing about fall: the clothes, the cool air, and curling up with a good book, and baking!!

So excited!!

Leteia said...

Name:Leteia Schwander
Location:Jacksonville, FL
Likes/Dislikes: Anything cinnamon, pumpkin, fall, apple scented. This is the best time of the year :) Dislikes- none, really
Favorite thing about fall: cooler weather, warms colors, smells of fall, wearning more accessories (too hot here in the summer), baked goods!

Nicole said...

Name: Nicole
E-mail: fsc200408(at)yahoo(dot)com
Location: Jacksonville, NC
Allergies: none
Likes/Dislikes: After doing a few swaps it's been decided that I don't like girlie girl things like makeup and lotions!
Favorite thing about fall: mmmm...what don't I like?! I love the colors, the smell, pumpkin, the clothes, the food....EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Name: Cheryl
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Allergies: None
Likes: scented candles, perfume/body spray, simple but inexpensive jewelry, doggie toys/treats (my 9-month old pointer, Amelia loves getting fun things, too!), goldfish crackers, cheeze-it crackers, and herbal tea!
Dislikes: scented lotions, fabric/sewing materials (I'm horrible at sewing!).
Favorite thing about Fall: cooler weather, warm sweaters, holiday decorating and family get-togethers! SO excited about this, it's a great idea and should be really fun! :D

Suzanne @ All Because Two People Fell in Love said...

Name: Suzanne Evans
Location: Northern Virginia
Allergies: None
Likes: Candles, cooking, fall decorations, picture frames
Dislikes: I'm pretty easy to please and would make due with whatever I receive. It's the thought that counts!
Favorite thing about fall: I love the deep colors of fall [yellow, orange, bungundy], weather. hoodies.

Anonymous said...

Name: Kristin Sodaro
Location:Long Island, ny
Allergies: No allergies
Likes/Dislikes: pretty much everything, love crafts, my kids and all girly stuff. Love good smelling things.
Only thing really I dislike is nuts.
Favorite thing about fall: Favorite thing is Halloween! I abs loooooove fall. The change of colors the smells the food u name it

Mel said...

I hope I make it in!!!

Name: Melissa
Location: Minnesota
Allergies: None
Likes/Dislikes: I am very open to anything and love a good surprise! As for dislikes, I would say avoid lotions because I have picky skin!
Favorite thing about fall: Absolutely everything! The colors, the weather, wearing boots and sweaters and scarves, football, pumpkin and apple in everything. Love love love fall!

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