Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting fit and fabulous - week 3

 Week 2 stats -
Weight: 270.2 (-.2)
Arms: 17"
Thighs: 26"
Bust: 51.5"
Waist: 49.5"
 Hips: 56"

Week 3 stats-
Weight: 269.2 (-1)
Arms: 17:
Thighs: 26"
Bust: 51.5"
Waist: 49" (-.5")
Hips: 55.5" (-.5")

So a 1 pound loss and a 1 inch loss. Not too shabby, considering I haven't done anything. I really need to get exercising. Next week, will be better.

However, this week I'm feeling so good. After cutting some drama llama's out of my life last week, I feel so light and free! I am in a truly happy place in my life, the best I've felt in a really long time. Our finances aren't any better or any worse, but I feel content. Our marriage is happy and good, and exciting. My skills as a mother are good. I'm even a little more comfortable in my own skin again. I'm sleeping better at night, and doing more things during the day. I'm not spending hours and hours on the computer anymore {yay!}, and I truthfully don't miss it. I feel zen.

Freedom and happiness Pictures, Images and 

I started school this week! I'm attending Marinello Beauty Academy to get my Esthitician license. In the first week I performed 3 facials, on actual people! I got lot's of compliments and my teacher is even a little impressed with me. It's always been a desire of me to have this training, and now I'm shining. That light is shining into my everyday life. I feel like sunshine might burst through my fingertips at any moment.

So long Eeyore. You're no longer welcome in my life!


Anonymous said...

Yay. That sounds do awesome.

Bit of Blue Sky said...

Way to go!

Tay said...

Congrats on losing!

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