Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yup, not a meme or a link up.... but an actual post!

School has been going great, I am still loving it! I will be on the clinic floor next week, so I'll be taking my first real clients soon! I wish I could attend for longer in the day so it would be over faster, but it's fine. Well, it's hard being away from Sailor Man and Goose every night for 4 hours, infact; Sailor Man and I spend almost no time together during the week. BUT I know it will be worth it when I graduate. Just keep on swimmin!

I had an HSG scan done this week and we're awaiting those results, but an early result is that my tubes are open {yay!}. Sailor Man will be having his testing done later this month, and then we'll be able to set on a new path, and hopefully be pregnant soon!

I have no lost any weight, I haven't even been trying. I've been so stressed and tired that I haven't been doing much of anything productive when I have "down time". However, I'm not gaining weight either. SO there is a plus to this negative part of my post!

So. I'm thinking of hosting another exchange, a winter/holiday exchange, but this one will be different than my fall swap {I had some e-mails from the fall swap that were not pleasant: someone not getting their box}. This one would only be open to bloggers, and you would have to blog about your swap, and maybe only military families? I'm not sure yet. If enough people are interested I will think about more detail.

AND finally. I'm having a 1/2 off sale on my sponsorships. I will have 3 small and 1 large ad space open at the start of December: contact me at if you're interested!

*1 month -  $10 $5 for 150, $15 $7.50 for 200
*3 months - $25 $12.50 for 150, $40 $20 for 200
*6 months - $60 $30 for 150, $75 $37.50 for 200 + get 1 month free

 Well my friends, I hope all is well with you and your families. I have about 9,000,000,000,00 posts on google reader I need to catch up on.


Mrs. Y said...

I blogged about my exchange I did with you ;) And I loved getting my partner. I would so love to do another one with you. I just ask more time since holidays and shipping. Maybe if you start next week. So it can go out by Dec 15 ;)

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