Sunday, December 18, 2011

super awesome & totally amazing holday giveaway WINNERS!!!

I hope everyone had the chance to enter each giveaway as many times as they wanted! I hope you all had fun, and I hope you will please not "unlike" any of the pages after entering and/or winning the prizes!!

When winners are announced you will have until 10pm PST on Sunday December 18 (today) to contact the donor. If you do not contact them a new winner will be chosen. Your package will be sent out no later than tomorrow, the ladies need a chance to prepare your package and get to the post office tomorrow. I am hoping all the giveaways will reach their intended destinations by Friday, just before Christmas. Please e-mail your lady ASAP, as soon as you realize you've won. Their contact information will be in the announcement!

Now, on to the winners!!

super awesome & totally amazing holiday giveaway day 1: Passion Parties

And the winner of the RADIANT BODY LOTION GREEN TEA is...

Elizabeth! Please contact April at:

super awesome & totally amazing holiday giveaway day 2: Scentsy

And the winner of the Scentsy on the go Kit {1- Room Spray, 1- Scent circle,1- Travel Tin, 1- Fragrance Foam} is....

Erika! Please contact Amanda at:

super awesome & totally amazing holiday giveaway day 3: Holiday Favorites Collection

The winner of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" Book & DVD + $10 Blockbuster giftcard is...

Caryn! Please contact me at:

 super awesome & totally amazing holiday giveaway day 4: Beaded Tabu

 The winner of the Beautiful dangle silver-plated dragonfly earrings with choice of crystal color and cream pearls is...

 Jenny! Please e-mail LaMeisha at:

 super awesome & totally amazing holiday giveaway day 5: The Young Retiree, Stamped

The winner of the $10 gift certificate to her shop is...

 Photina! Pleas e-mail Elizabeth at:
 super awesome & totally amazing holiday giveaway day 6: Paparazzi Jewelry

And the winner of the Long Multi-Color Beaded Necklace along with an adjustable Flower Ring is...

 Brittany! Pleas e-mail Kristi at:
Thank you to all who participated!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lovely ladies who donated! I could not have done this with out you. {next year I will start earlier!!}

Remember, you have until 10pm PST TONIGHT to contact about your prizes!!!


Brittany Sommer said...

Woot! I emailed her!

Jenny and James said...

I am so excited :) I emailed her!

Photina said...

Thank you for hosting the giveaways! I am so excited. :-) I emailed Elizabeth already.

RamirezFamily said...

I am so excited!! Thanks so much!! Emailed you! ;)

chambanachik said...

No way! Super excited. I'm sending an email right now. :)
Thank you!

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