Sunday, January 1, 2012


2011 was not a horrible year for me, sure I had my ups and downs but in general it was a decent year. We lost my grandma in October and there was some definite financial stress and uncertainty, but we made it through. I know a lot of people who are glad to put 2011 behind them, I have many friends whose year was a disaster. I sincerely wish you and your families a very Happy New Year and I wish nothing but the best for you in 2012. Make this YOUR year, make an honest effort to make it your best year {after all, we only have 355 days to live}.

This year I am making a much more conscious effort to be a better me. I am who I am and I need to start accepting all of me, including my faults. I want to try to change things about me, but I want to try harder to love and accept myself.

I will be active in the blogging world again, as I feel I sort of abandoned the blog this past year. I will be doing my Crafty Monday's again, Thursday Song Link-Up's, Fat Friday {on a side note, if you're interested in having me make this a link up, let me know ASAP}, and possibly more Adventures in the City.

Speaking of Fat Friday, this year I decided to join Weight Watchers. The thing that drew me in, is that I don't have to give up anything to do it. Weight Watchers is about portion control, and showing me different food choices. I also love they have a TON of recipes on their site, with the points built in. I don't have to spend time figuring out how many points all my recipes are (though I will for my favorites!), because I can now use their site to do a weekly menu. Sailor Man is being very supportive, and while he needs to lose a few pounds he doesn't have to do this with me. But because he loves me, he will be eating the "diet" food right along with me. They also have an app to help track when you're on the go!! My goal is to get to 200 pounds before Sailor Man deploys, obviously I can't tell you how long I have to do that, but I believe I've given myself more than enough time to achieve that. *

I will also be spending more time with Goose actually doing things, not just letting her play on her own. I want to be more active in her life, and I want her to have a more active life. I will make an honest effort to spend more time with Sailor Man, I'm hoping we'll be able to go on more date nights this year.

There are lot's of things to look forward to this year: I will be a licensed esthetician! Goose will be turning 5 and starting kindergarten, I will be turning 27, we will celebrate 7 years of marriage and 10 years of being together. 2012 will be our year, I can feel it!

* All these opinions of Weight Watchers are my own. I in no way was not paid to make this post.


Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

I will do fat friday's with you... I was doing "Fit and Flabu-u-less" on my wordpress blog and I'm using MFP to track my calories. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! If you create a link up, I'll link up every other week or so! 2012 is going to be a fabulous year :)

The New "Normal" said...

I can totally relate to what you said about spending more time with your daughter versus letting her play on her own - that is a goal of mine too! I feel like I get so busy with things that I forget to stop and play. I really hope to change this!
Good luck with all of your goals! I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you!

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