Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday Song Link-Up

I've been emotional lately. Everything is making me teary or cranky. Tonight as I was driving home from school, I was contemplating the fact that I have less than 2 weeks left of that drive, and I was feeling an overwhelming mix of emotions about that. {that is for another post though...}

I was listening to the "smooth" radio station and this song came on. Tears started streaming down my face as memories of my childhood came flooding back. My dad used to sing us kids this song, almost every night. Anytime we needed a pick-me-up, or a good night song, this was the song he sang. Actually, until I was about 12 I thought he made it up, then I heard it on the radio and it was not my dad's voice ---talk about a shock of a lifetime!

I love my dad. He is a constant rock and guidance in my life, and my siblings lives. He is an amazing father, husband, friend, and grandfather. The kids in our family are so lucky to have him.


Allie said...

This is the song my husband danced with his mom to at our wedding... I never looked at it in a special way until I really listened to it during our wedding planning, it is perfect.

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