Thursday, April 5, 2012

Danger! Danger!

As most of you know, I am LDS. Every 6 months the church holds a world-wide meeting called General Conference, and every 6 months we are reminded to get our houses in order, to be prepared. We are counseled to get our emergency kits in order, and have a plan. And every 6 months, I think about it and do nothing. Then, something happens and I panic and go crazy. This time around, I've decided to be smart and actually listen to the counsel. I am going to prepare now, so I'm not panicked in the future. Since Sailor Man is gone often, I need to be prepared with and without him.

Thanks to the wonderful invention of Pinterest, I've come across numerous blog posts about making it easy on yourself, and the importance of letting children be involved. I added a few things of my own that aren't on those lists and I colored those in purple. I think it's so important for everyone to be prepared and have at least a 72 hour kit. If disaster strikes, or something minor like the power goes out, would you be OK?

These are the blogs that I've taken advice from, maybe you will find them helpful as well.

Lovely little Snippets - A break down week by week of what you should have in your kit (no food)
The Organizing Junkie - How to put together and emergency preparedness kit
Here is the final list of items I'm preparing: (everything in red I had in the house, everything in purple is what I bought)

1.       Container to hold your Kit.
2.       1 Flashlight for each person + extra batteries
3.       Current family picture and photo of each family member 
4.       Can opener
5.       List of important phone #’s (laminated if possible) 
6.       $5 in one dollar bills + 4 quarters
7.       4 rolls toilet paper
8.       1 bar soap
9.       1 emergency blanket per person
10.   1 roll paper towels
11.   $5 in one dollar bills + 4 quarters
12.   1 box bandaids
13.   1 package wet wipes
14.   100ct multi vitamins
15.   1 pack of gum
16.   2 candles
17.   Package of matches
18.   2 decks of cards
19.   Face Masks 2 per person
20.   1 bottle Ibuprofen (add baby Tylenol if you have a baby)
21.   2 lighters
22.   $5 in one dollar bills + 4 quarters
23.   1 whistle per person
24.   5 dice (to play games)
25.   Rubber gloves 2 pair per person
26.   Sunblock
27.   $5 in one dollar bills + 4 quarters
28.   Gauze and medical tape
29.   3 heat pouches per person
30.   Bugspray
31.   Rope
32.   $5 in one dollar bills + 4 quarters
33.   1 package garbage bags (10)
34.   Package of tums
35.   Pocket knife
36.   Thermometer
37.   $5 in one dollar bills + 4 quarters
38.   Hand sanitizer
39.   2 packs instant hot coco per person
40.   5 packages garden seeds
41.   2 packs instant soup per person
42.   $5 In one dollar bills + 4 quarters
43.   10 hard candies per person (i.e. butterscotch, cinnamon etc.)
44.   4 AA batteries
45.   10 instant crystal lite packages
46.   2 instant oatmeal packs per person
47.   $5 in one dollar bills + 4 quarters
48.   Notebook and pens (for journaling/notes/entertaining kids)
49.   Small pot
50.   Travel size shampoo/conditioner
51.   Bible/Book of Mormon
      52.   $5 in one dollar bills + 4 quarters

I am also using this additional list--
1. Battery operated radio
2. Sturdy Shoes
3. Local map
4. Some water and food
5. Permanent marker, paper, tape
6. List of allergies
7. Copies of health insurance and ID cards
8. Extra contacts or prescription glasses
9. Prescription meds
10. Toothbrush/toothpaste
11. Extra keys to your house/vehicle
12. Pet items
13. Games

I plan on getting a nice first aide kit so some of those items will be included inside that kit.  I don't have much, but it's a start! We will continue to build until we have a 3 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and finally a 1 year kit. I am also working on having a kit for our car, something we'll have in the back just in case we're driving when disaster strikes.

**the above list are emergency kit's ONLY. These do NOT include 72 hour kits, that is a different post :)


Sarah V. said...

Having stock of some dried goods is also a good idea, rice, beans, lentils, etc... then you have food to eat, and all you need it heat and water to cook it. Plus it's cheap and goes a long way.

terri fuller said...

ugh, call me stupid - but what's LDS?

Mrs. S said...

Hi Terri! LDS means "Latter Day Saint" or Mormon!

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