Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Sailor Man is 26 today. Yes, our birthdays are a day apart and yes, I am a year older than him! Only a couple times has he ever reminded me of that fact.

I thought I would make a list of 26 reasons why I love him.

1. He makes me laugh, every day
2. He allows Goose to put make up on him when she's playing "make overs"
3. He will give me the first drink of a newly opened soda
4. He is a worthy Priesthood holder
5. He treats me with respect
6. He loves his mom, dad, sisters and brothers
7. He puts up with my wild "there is a scary monster in the closet" imagination
8. He will wear Mickey Ears at Disneyland
9. He kisses me good morning, and good night, every single day (well, when he's home anyway)
10. He is an amazing father
11. When I'm on a diet, he will eat all the Oreo's to make me not slip
12. He plays "Pretty Pretty Princess"
13. He's caring
14. He is a hard worker
15. He looks goooooood in his uniform
16. His hugs make me melt
17. He wrote me a song and sang it to me when he proposed
18. He sings to Goose
19. He's passionate
20. He will watch sappy romance movies, and not laugh when I cry
21. He holds my hand
22. He lets me sleep in on the weekend
23. He will rub my neck and shoulders, even when he's too exhausted to keep an eye open
24. He let me practice waxing on him
25. He likes playing old school Mario
26. He loves me


*~BrittDill~* said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! Mine and Mr's birthday are in the same month, but 25 days apart! lol

PJ and Annie said...

bahaha..eats all the oreos..

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