Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Summer Blog Challenge Day 12: My worst injury

When I was a kid I hurt myself a lot. One time I was running around my grandma's house, fell on a nail and ripped my knee open. Once I was rollerblading down my parent's drive way, fell on the street and sprained my wrist. Then there was the time after dinner I decided to attempt a "toilet paper roll" (you know where you flipped on the monkey bars as many times as you could.....) on the monkey bars after eating greasy chicken. As you can imagine, it did not go well and I ended on the ground with a broken left arm in 5 places at the age of 6.

BUT my "worst" injury, meaning I cringe when I think about it, and most people cringe when I tell the story is when I broke my thumb.

I was 5. My sisters and I all had friends over, but I decided I needed to bug my oldest sister and her friend. I followed them around, copied them, and pretty much was just an annoying sister. My sister and her friend retreated to my sisters room, where I of course followed. I was standing in the doorway when my thumb in the hinge of the door. I stood there while my sister slammed the door and my thumb cracked. I guess I was in shock because I don't remember crying until I got to my parents bedroom to clean it.

My nail was completely off and my thumb was pointing in the wrong direction. I remember going to the hospital, getting stitches, and coming home with a very large white bandage around my thumb. That's about it.

I guess my sister had felt so bad about what happened, she and her friend cleaned my room for me.


Shai Smith said...

Aw, she sounds like a good sister! lol


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