Monday, November 12, 2012

Craft Monday - Festive Candle

This is a super easy holiday craft that will brighten any table or fireplace mantle! Seriously, it took maybe 5 minutes for me to this, and it cost me less than $15 to do. I got the idea from pinterest of course! Click here for the original link.

What you need:
  • Candle (I bought a huge fat one from walmart for $7)
  • White pins (I bought them in the sewing section, 100 pins for $3)
  • Small and Medium Snowflakes (I bought a pack of assorted ones from Michaels for $4)
To put the snowflakes on you attach them with the pins. You can place them in any order, and however many you want. When you're down with the snowflakes, add pins to make little dots in between the snowflakes.

See how easy that was? You can easily adapt this to any size candle. I think it would be gorgeous as a center piece to buy the long tall candles and some nice candle holders.


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