Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Month of Love: Amy & Ben

My Love Story.

My name is Amy & I’m the Author of Trials & Triumphs of Loving my Sailor.
My story isn’t glamorous or even considered a ‘Fairy Tale’ – but it’s my “Fairy Tale Story” all the same.

 In 2010 my life was dumped upside down the contents swirling around my feet – like leaves fallen off a tree in Fall. My marriage had ended & like the story of Humpty Dumpty – all the church, praying and marriage counseling couldn’t put it back together again. To make it even worse I also lost my job of 3 years, found my biological family and was told I’d never be able to have children. It was if someone was unraveling my life before my eyes and I had no control.

My biological brother invited me out to California for a break. To give me a moment to try and figure out my next move. He is career in the Navy had just promoted him to “Chief” & I has here to help him through the initiation process. Two weeks in to my visit I was introduced to his best friend – who would change my life in ways I’d never dreamed or expected. Through the course of my three month a new life had been created & I was blissfully unaware of it all.

We all stayed really busy with all the Navy functions & I was thrilled. I was swept up in the California life and the Navy life too. The beaches, ships, and all the new things were such a breath of fresh air. As I started to feel at home – it all changed again .. dumping me back to the unknown. My brother’s wife had decided my ‘welcome’ had ended and I was again lost and confused. Removing all financial support and promises right from under my feet. 

Ben, my brothers best friend, stepped in decided to help me out. Even against my wishes he managed to help with small stuff at first by purchasing toiletries & gas in my car. Then dog food & surprising everyone by adding me to his cell phone plan. I was unsure of WHY this man was helping me & stressed with the inability to repay him in anyway.

No matter how much I expressed my dislike for his financial support I got it anyway. He managed to find a place for me to stay with a roommate, set up an allotment to my bank account & made sure I had all the essentials before leaving. In Nov 2010 I was invited to go with him to Texas for Thanksgiving – his last leave before deploying. I went with him expecting to be dropped off at my Mom’s front door while he visited his family – and oh how wrong I was. I stayed with him for the whole two weeks being introduced to family, friends and everyone in between. For my birthday he bought me an Iphone, setting up all his, his Moms and his brothers contact information just in case.

Arriving back to San Diego I was faced with my first deployment.

Now two years later – we own our own house, have two dogs & a kitten. We’ve also opened our home to three other Sailors. I stay at home and take care of all four Sailors, and love every moment of it. We aren’t prefect – we have issues just like everyone else. With our backgrounds being similar it’s created a level of respect and communication. Our #1 rule in our relationship is “Communication”.
On Jan 18th, 2013 standing at Terminal 2 at the San Diego airport he proposed. With our best friend from Hawaii here & my girlfriend from Illinois on her way – we will exchange vows Feb 20th, 2013. 

In 2010 my life changed, The contents of what I knew dumped at my feet – creating the most amazing life change I never knew I needed. Learning to depend on, trust and fall so in love with a man who would be my ‘Happily Ever After’.  The “Trials & Triumphs” we’ve shared to get us to this part are our own. Creating our very own modern day Love Story..

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