Monday, February 4, 2013

A Month Of Love: Caryn & William

Love is something that was not thrown around in my family growing up as a child. I ever so badly wanted a husband who loved me unconditionally and was not afraid to show it. I knew this man was out there waiting for me it would just take me a long time to find him. After graduating high school I decided I was going to go to school and seek out a great career before ever getting involved with anyone! I was determined to be independent and successful. After moving to Nevada, I was ready to start my life alone but still needed to find friends. So I made a commitment to go back to church and surround myself with great people. I was given a number of a guy who my grandma knew through a co worker. He was supposed to pick me up on Sunday and give me a ride because I did not know were anything was in town, let alone the church. 

So I gave him a call to let him know my address and see what time he was coming and this is how it went down…ring ring ring…”Bueno”…Me: “Um hello?” Guy: “Hola?” Me: “Um, do you speak English” Guy: “Oh sorry yeah” Feeling like an idiot and unsure still of what he was saying, even in English I allowed myself to ask him to give me a ride. 
That night I had a hard time sleeping as I was nervous about my new life and the effort I would have to put in to making new friends. As I dozed off I had a dream about the next day, the guy “William” (now you can see why I was not expecting Spanish when I called) was clear as day in my dream. Now note, I had never previously met him only spoken to him that once on the phone. He picked me up the next day and we went to church, after church he proposed and we got married. I woke up freaking out as it felt so real! Obviously I knew I was not going to be getting married anytime soon because that was NOT my plan. I had a plan and regardless of whether this man was hot or not I was independent and on my way to a real LIFE. 

Well he was hot (dangit) and he also drove a super nice Firebird. Crap, now I was screwed! What was I supposed to do? I mean he was hot, he had a nice car, his accent melted my heart and he asked me out the following night. Well to make a long story short we dated for 3 months got engaged and got married 9 months later! My LIFE was in someone else’s hands not my own and I am so glad for inspiration given to me. It is now almost 8 years later we have 3 little boys and dog and I would not change it for the world! 

PS I never told him about my dream until after we got married! I did not want to scare the poor guy away!


Megha Singh said...

I somehow landed on your blog..searching for something on the internet and the title of your blog caught my attention.This post of yours touched my heart.Lots of good wishes to u and your family.

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