Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Month of Love: Dannyn & Derek

You may have heard those famous lyrics once creep  out from speakers of a car that was housing some corn ball guy with gold chains, greasy slick backed hair, a cigar hangin out the side of his mouth or maybe from some cheesy seduction scene from a chick flick, "when I get that feelin, I need sexual healin..." And if you're like me you probably scrunched your eye and snarled your upper lip due to the cheese that this horn dog was laying... Marvin Gaye.. he knew how to write those corny eye rolling, finger down the throat gag me songs, but my friends, that exact song is one that changed my life forever.

Derek and I have known each other for years. He is my cousins best friend. To spare many details  just know that we found each other attractive and the timing was never right (and there was a four year age difference that played kind of a big part in the beginning I'm sure he would have been the coolest 8th grader to have bagged dating a senior in high school, where as I would have been locked up and well that's just sick!) So forward, oh 7 or so years we found the timing just right, kinda ha ha ha. He was single and I was single and my cousins kept trying to convince me that I should date Derek. I was extremely hesitant at even the mere thought because it could be such a disaster if it didnt work out. Enter cheese here: 

Derek was over at our house (extremely typical) hanging out, he and my cousin decide to get in the hot tub. They invited me to join and after 20 mins of them pleading I gave in. As I stepped out the door as loud as a freight train, what comes busting out the speakers? Yep cheese!! "Get up, get up, get up, wake up, wake up..." And we all know the rest right? I definitely rolled my eyes and even have a great snap shot of the moment. From there on it was sarcasm mixed with major flirting. After about two weeks of him trying to date me and me playing hard to get we finally took the step of dating when we found ourselves hanging out with each other every night and spending our free time trying to make plans to be together. We were pretty inseparable.  

Many dates of gym time, shooting firearms at sunset, speeding down the freeway with windows down Eddie Money blaring car dancing and singing at the top of our lungs, strolling through Costco gathering samples and picking out the best Swiss cheese.. Many dates passed, "I love you's" exchanged. A ring was given, and we were sealed in the Boise temple. It's been two blissful years of marriage and one blessing of our baby Viveian.


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