Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Month of Love: Kevin & Keri

To really understand what I consider our amazing love story, you first have to know a little background about me.  When Kevin and I met, I was a 30 year old single mother of 3 fatherless little boys.  If that wasn't enough, I was deep into chemotherapy treatments for CML, a form of leukemia.  I was sick, bald, and unemployed with 3 kids.  I had 'BAGGAGE' written in neon above my head!
One Monday night I made the last minute decision to take flowers to a friend.  I knew she would be at our church building attending a dinner for the single adults in our church.  I threw on the clothes that I could find, had no make up on, and of course I was totally bald, and I took off to the church.  I stayed at that activity for an entire 5 minutes, but that was long enough for a newcomer from Fresno to notice me.  He decided then that he would start attending all of the activities at my church in hopes of meeting me.  Little did he know, I didn't EVER attend those activities.

A week later, a good friend of mine, Matt, called me and informed me that since I had spent the last week in the house sick from chemo, that he was going to pick me up and take me to the single's activity at the church.  I did NOT want to go, but I agreed to go with him.  I put on the biggest attitude problem I could muster, took NO pride in my appearance, didn't even put on a stitch of makeup and went with him to the activity.

As we were sitting waiting for the meeting to start, an unknown guy walked in and sat down on one side of me.  So, I was sandwiched between my friend and Mr. Unknown.  As the meeting progressed, my attitude problem and mood got worse.  By the time the meeting was over, I was in a FOUL mood!  I asked Matt if we could go home, and he said "Not until you introduce yourself to somebody new".  I rolled my eyes at him and turned to the guy next to me.  With as much sarcasm as I could muster I said "Hi, my name is Keri.  What's your name?"  He looked shocked that I was speaking to him, and very shyly answered "Kevin".  "Hi, Kevin.  Where are you from?".... His answer "Fresno" to which I responded "That's too bad".  I then looked at Matt and asked if I could go home.  He laughed and agreed and he took me home.

Later that night, around midnight, I woke up from a dead sleep thinking that I had been REALLY rude to that "Kevin dude" and realized that I actually felt bad about it.  Those that know me find that shocking because I normally have no problem being rude, especially when I'm really sick.  I had no clue what Kevin's last name was or how to get in touch with him, but I knew that he probably was in the Facebook group for the activity.  I stalked him out on Facebook and sent him a message simply saying I was sorry for being so rude.  After I hit 'send' on that message I didn't think another thing about Kevin from Fresno.

Two weeks later, to my shock, I received a response from him.  He told me not to worry about having been rude, that it was obvious I wasn't feeling well.  He requested to add me as a friend on Facebook.  Once I added him on Facebook, I figured I wouldn't hear from him again.  Most single, 30 year old men don't want anything to do with a cancer stricken women, let alone one with three kids.  I was again shocked when he started asking me questions and eventually asked me to go to dinner with him.  

Four days later, Kevin from Fresno stood in my living room getting the third degree from my mom.  He took it well, and we left on our first date.  By the time dinner was over, I knew that my life would never be the same.  I knew this man was going to be something HUGE in my life.  After dinner that night, we drove down to the lake and sat by the water talking until 3 in the morning.  He kissed me for the first time that night, and I totally melted.

The next day, as Kevin was at work, I went for chemotherapy.  I figured I wouldn't be seeing him again, at least for a while, but the moment he got off work he came to my house, helped feed the boys and get them ready for bed, and took care of me...even cleaning up my vomit.  He stayed until after midnight that night, and I was blown away when, at 6 am the following morning, he was back on my doorstep wanting to help get the boys ready for the day.

I had chemo three times that week, and every waking minute that Kevin wasn't at work he was at my house taking care of the boys and I.  Exactly a week after our first date, a week that was full of me being so beyond sick I didn't even realize he was there half of the time, Kevin took me back to the lake where we shared our first date 7 days before, and he asked me to be his wife.  I didn't question the decision, I just KNEW it was the RIGHT thing for me and the boys.  I KNEW this man loved us, and I KNEW he would be a wonderful father and husband.

I was right.  1 month later we were married, and now 14 months after that he's adopted all three of my sons and each of them call him Daddy.  Because of some major miracles in our life, I am now 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl that we are naming Mary.  Life isn't perfect.  We still have our daily struggles and trials, but I NEVER thought I could feel so totally and completely loved.  Kevin is my miracle. 


Erin said...

I cried yesterday when I read this and I cried again right now when I read it to a friend. Chalk it up to pregnancy hormones, but this is one of the most touching love stories I've read in a long time. Best wishes to these two and their growing family!

Keri Webster said...

Thank you, Erin!

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