Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Month of Love: Mrs. S & Sailor Man

Ah. Young love at it's finest. Sailor Man and I met when we were teenagers at a church dance. He walked in with his group of friends, I was in my little circle and I looked to see a shiny shirt (who happened to be a mutual friend) walk through the door. I looked right past that guy and locked eyes with Sailor Man.

For me, it was instant. I knew right away that I was going to marry him. I felt it from my head to my toes. That was the boy I was going to marry. He told me that night he thought I was pretty and we danced, and then that was it. We saw each other periodically in random places, but it was his friend (not shiny shirt guy, another friend) who asked me out first. We dated for a short period, and then I didn't see that group for a good while.

One night, in September of my senior year I went to another church dance and only intended to stay for a short time. I was talking to a group of girls when out of the corner of my eye I spotted shiny shirt guy. I felt a smile crack across my face when I was able to spot Sailor Man. After my chit chat with the girls I made my way over to say hello.

We ended up spending the night talking and catching up. It turned out he wasn't even going to go to the dance, he had just broken up with his very serious girlfriend, and his friends persuaded him to go. Lucky for us both.

We exchanged numbers that night, and I made the first call and asked him on our first date. We went mini golfing and to a Mexican restaurant. It was on that golf course that he grabbed my hand and asked permission to kiss me.

In December 2004 we knew we were ready to get married. I was anxiously awaiting a proposal when I got sick with mono. I was laying in bed being sick and feeling sorry for myself when he came over to exchange Christmas gifts. I knew it was coming and I felt very anxious and bad that I was green and trying not to throw up. When the proposal didn't come, I wont lie, I was surprised.

He told me he had one more gift and he pulled out his guitar. He started singing me a song that he wrote. The last 4 lines were "I have a question now, what will the answer be, S my love, will you marry me" he then handed me a rose with a ring inside. I was speechless and I threw my arms around his neck and yelled "yes", and then ran through the house screaming "I'm engaged, I'm engaged".

We were married July 12 in Bountiful Utah. He is the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend.

Almost 2 years later we welcomed Goose into our lives.

Nearly 5 years after we were married we made the decision to join the Navy. He had always thought about it, but I never considered it. I have never been prouder of him. He works so hard to sacrifice for his family. He is currently working on his Masters Degree, while he's deployed. He works so hard and does so much for his family.

After 3 years of trying, heartbreak, fertility treatments and anger, we were blessed with another beautiful baby girl S. She is wonderful and she was worth the wait. I can not wait for Sailor Man to come home and hold her in his arms.

My love for him grows more every single day. Yes, we have our ups and downs we have our hard times and our good. But there is no one in the world I would rather spend the rest of my life with, no one I would rather be the father of my children.


Jamie said...

What a great story!

KT said...

You failed to mention how good he smelled. Your sisters mentioned it every single time they talked about him that first year you dated.

Also, when I first saw the pic second from the bottom, I thought Goose had scribbled on it, and I couldn't figure out how she had done it to a digital pic. It's actually your watermark. Ha! said...

What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing! :)

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