Thursday, February 28, 2013

Easter Carepackage!

Well, it's getting to be Easter Time! Sailor Man wont be here for an egg hunt with the girls, so I thought I'd send one to him!

I took a box and I glued pastel cardstock on the sides and fond cute Easter tissue paper to line the bottom.

I then added pictures of the girls and some Easter stickers to brighten it up!

Goose and I came up with about 15 things we love about Sailor Man. I printed them on cardstock, and then in an egg I placed a piece of candy with our little note!

I then added a layer of green grass (which by the way, it is very difficult to find normal green grass! I looked everywhere for it and had to settle on this bright green, almost plastic looking stuff!), added the eggs, some candy, Mio drink stuff. Then another layer of grass, more eggs and candy. One last layer of grass, eggs, and candy.

It's not much of a hunt, but with the layers, he'll have to dig around a little bit! I thought it was pretty darn clever myself! I hope it finds him in one piece and he's able to have a small hunt!


JG said...

This is a fabulous idea! I LOVE the idea of an Easter Egg hunt in a box! I am absolutely doing this for SoldierMan!

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