Monday, March 11, 2013

My Little Pony Party - Goose is 6 years old!

Goose turned 6 years old on Friday. She decided she wanted to have a pony party. She is obsessed with My Little Pony. It's not like when I was growing up, which I think the ponies look weird when we were kids, they have nice stories and good lessons for kids to learn.

For the decor, I used the ponies she already had. She has enough of them it made for a super nice table center piece! I had rainbow streamers and balloons, and just random streamers around the house. The ponies basically live in an explosion of color, so I tried to make that for her!

Thanks to Etsy, I found the most amazing invitations and cute little wrappers for her party. They were super easy to do -- I just printed them out and wrapped them on the water and candy bar and attached them with double sided tape!

Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony! My brother,drew this pony for me! Isn't he amazing? I then printed off different cutie marks and the kids used them to play.

We also played horseshoe toss, a galloping race, and they had to eat a donut off a string with their hands behind their backs! It was suggested to do apples, but I couldn't figure out how to make that work and since a donut has a hole in the middle it, it was just easier!!

As for the food, I went with easy. Rainbow goldfish, vegetable tray, fruit salad, 7up (I was going to make rainbow ice cubes, but I couldn't get myself together. I was ambitious enough!), sandwiches in heart shaped and water bottles.

But then.. there's the cake. Oh, the cake.

Doesn't that look amazing? I don't mean to toot my own horn, but TOOOT! I am so impressed with myself, I seriously thought it was going to be a huge failure so I bought extra supplies "just in case". Goose was surprised and all the kids loved it! It was a huge hit!

Isn't it pretty? Yes it is.


Carmen said...

That cake looks amazing! It's making me hungry just thinking about it. Good job planning and I can't believe she is 6! How time flies. Hope she has a great birthday!

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