Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No need to tone it down

This morning my facebook newsfeed was littered with posts about a blog post entitled "Let's take the holidays down a notch". The story is basically that she believes we are doing to much with every holiday. We make to big a deal of the "phone it in holidays". Her post is centered around her children's disappointment that there was nothing for them on St. Patrick's Day. However, she complains about everything from "elf on the shelf" to "100th day of school" to "over the top homemade valentines". In my opinion, she is talking down to anyone who makes a big deal out of "little" holidays. Tone is hard to convey via internet, but her wording makes me feel this way.

Do some people go overboard? Probably. But does that mean we should stop? No. I admit, I have Pinterest boards for each holiday, they are all filled with idea's on how to decorate, celebrate and even food idea's for each one.

Did we make a leprechaun trap? Sure did. Goose couldn't stop talking about it, she was so excited. We didn't catch one, but while he was trying to escape he lost his shoes and some money fell out of his pockets. Yes, she got barbie boots and a whopping $.24 for her imagination. What harm did I do to Goose by allowing this happen? Did it take time out of my busy day? Nope. She was so excited that something happened, she gushed! That rascal of a leprechaun turned our milk and water green! She couldn't believe it! She has spent the last couple days painting and drawing pictures for the leprechauns saying "Thank You" for visiting and for the money.

Easter is coming up and you better believe the Easter bunny will be here. We've decorated the house, and we will decorate our eggs. Mister Bunny will show up and hide them for us, and leave behind a few candies and probably bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Why? Because he's fun and awesome.

I personally don't do "elf on the shelf", mainly because I don't like it and think he's creepy, but I certainly don't care if others do. . But I do other fun things to count down to Christmas. We have an Advent Calendar, Goose gets a piece of chocolate (a Hershey kiss!) during the last 12 days, the pajama fairy comes to visit, and she gets to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve.

We didn't celebrate the "100th day of school" this year, but thanks to friends who did I have awesome idea's for next year.

Do we celebrate the little holidays in our house? Yes. Do I make a huge deal? Not really, but I do something fun. You absolutely don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun with your children. Little kids don't care about the cost, and you shouldn't spend $100's on a simple holiday. Be creative, use your time, and use their imagination to bring the holidays to life!

This is the whimsy, innocence, and imagination of childhood. Why would I want to take that away from my child?

I have a short window of time that I am able to do this with Goose. I am nurturing her imagination and encouraging her to believe in the good. In another 5 or 6 years she will no longer be asking me to make a leprechaun trap, but she will ask for money to go somewhere with her friends. She wont care about the green milk or the shoes in the honey. She'll roll her eyes when it's easter egg dying time, and she'll stand with her arms folded watching Baby S hunt for eggs. She'll soon exclaim that she is "too old for this and doesn't believe in Santa anymore".

But I hope that some of the magic stays with her. I hope that when she has kids of her own, she will remember what we did together and she'll want to do it for her kids. She'll want to bring back the whimsy of her childhood and instill it in her own children.

This is why, I will not be toning down the holidays.


Jane Adensam said...

You only get so much magic in your life and most of it happens when you're a child. I don't know who would want to take that away from someone. I completely agree with you.

Courtney said...

I couldn't agree more with you. I take alot of pride in celebrating every holiday--- and I will openly admit I am over the top. I enjoy it. My husband enjoys it. My daughter will enjoy it when she is old enough to understand. I don't see anything wrong with that. Thanks for the great idea of a leprachaun trap and barbie shoe left behind! Brilliant.

Brittany Sommer said...

I will NEVER tone the holidays down. If there is nothing for a child, I will make something up and it will become a tradition until that child is old enough to celebrate that day.

Whitney said...

I just read it!

I don't have any kids and I am offended. I guess I was one of those "overachievers." My mom was always the party mom, and helped throw the parties when we had classroom parties. I ALWAYS gave out goodie bags to my friends for holidays, because I WANTED to and because I could. It wasn't about setting up "unrealistic expectations," you know? I LOVE holidays. I am going to go all out when I have kids. I love celebrating holidays now, so why would I stop? To me, I think it is personally sad that kids don't get those experiences. To each their own. I remember in second grade, a "leprechaun" visited our classroom (wrote a message on the wall, threw stuff around, glitter everywhere, etc), and I was in awe. I mean, the holidays don't have to be over the top pinterest style, but c'mon... Maybe I don't get her point of view, because I thrive on creativity and love DIY and doing things over the top.

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